As a woman I regard myself as in one very important way lucky to have grown up in the 70s – it was an era where amongst the majority vapid fare, the film world in Hollywood and beyond gifted us with an amazing range of what would now be deemed “Fierce Women”.

This was the time when there were many actresses who embodied the idea of the strong, involved, passionate woman making her way in what was then, and largely still is now, a deeply misogynist world. And there were a good number of roles for them. One of the actresses who absolutely personified that idea for me was Colleen Dewhurst. I stumbled over this incredible photo of her. Read it anyway you like, but it is hard to avoid concluding “Wow”.

As a tall teenager in the era when that was still quite rare I also clung to the idea that a woman could be big, strong, imposing and not a freak. I was shocked when I found out she was only 5′ 8″ – I was so sure she was my height. Which says so much about her.