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From Purity’s Drawers: White Shirt Look-ey Like-eys

Purity’s hobby, when not traversing the Kalahari on camel with her faithful companion Mildred, was of course collecting photographs of singers singing opera whilst wearing white shirts. But she had other interests too. Like noticing when said singers look liked other people…

From the Archives.

So we’ve already mused on the fact that Sonia Prina can under certain conditions bear an uncanny resemblance to Joan Jett:

As my old Scottish Mother says - "Careful, you'll put someone's eye out with that thing!"

As my old Scottish Mother says – “Careful, you’ll put someone’s eye out with that thing!”

Joan Jett wielding an entirely different kind of steely length...

Joan Jett wielding an entirely different kind of steely length…

And we’ve even noted that Tuva Semmingsen and Gina Gershon seem to have something going on:

Hard day plumbing Tuva?

Hard day plumbing Tuva?

Tuva Semmingsen, err Gina Gershon, err...

Tuva Semmingsen, err Gina Gershon, err…

But I can’t believe it’s taken me all this time to spot the resemblance between Elina Garanca…

"Tonight Matthew, I'm Annie Lennox!"

“Tonight Matthew, I’m Annie Lennox!”

and Annie Lennox….
I grow weak...

I grow weak…

I mean it’s just *so* obvious. Though I’ve got to say Ms Lennox wins the “how much make up is too much?” challenge I think! And speaking of Annie Lennox, those opera dressers could learn a think from Ms Lennox about how to trouser a female singer!


I rest my case.

Of course, this was all just a not very elaborate excuse for a White-shirt-a-thon. Speaking of which, well you didn’t imagine this would be a Queen Kasarova free zone now did you? Hey, hands up if you think opera singers look better in white shirts…

Black socks in the white wash again VK?

Black socks in the white wash again VK?

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